Egyptian Food – Traditional Dishes & Recipes

Want to cook some traditional Egyptian food? Egyptian food is delicious with interesting flavors. Many recipes go back long in history and are still today prepared in the same traditional way.

Egyptian food isn’t that well known around the world, but it no doubt deserves more attention as there are many delicious dishes to taste. Down below you can read more about Egyptian food and some traditional dishes from Egypt.


If you’re a vegetarian, this Egyptian food is perfect for you. Mahshi is a dish made from vegetables (usually zucchini, peppers, cabbage leaves and eggplant) filled with rice.

Before filling the vegetables, the rice is mixed with a delicious tomato sauce and various spices such as parsley, coriander and dill. It’s a tasty Egyptian dish that’s a must to taste – whether you’re a vegetarian or not.

Note that some restaurants include meat in the recipe, so make sure to double check before ordering at a restaurant if you’re a vegetarian.

egyptian Mahshi


An old and traditional Egyptian food is Fattah which is made from rice, meat, crispy bread and a vinegar / tomato sauce. It’s a dish that’s common to eat during various celebrations, including family events and weddings.

Fattah dates back to ancient Egypt and is a classic Egyptian dish to taste when you’re in the country.


Falafel / Ta’meya

Ta’meya is the Egyptian name for what we know as Egyptian falafel. Egyptian falafel is made from fava beans mixed with coriander, parsley, onion, garlic and leek.

The bean mixture is formed into balls and are then fried. They’re traditionally eaten for breakfast together with ful, eggs and pita bread. It’s really good, so make sure to taste ta’meya during your trip in Egypt!


The dish that’s considered to be Egypt’s national dish is Koshari. It’s one of my favorite dishes from Egypt that’s made from pasta, rice, lentils and chickpeas – topped with fried onions and a delicious sauce.

When it comes to Egyptian food, this is a dish that you need to taste. It’s loved by both locals and tourists.

egyptian food


Bamia is made from one of my favorite vegetables, okra, along with pieces of meat (beef, lamb or chicken), onion, tomato, garlic and various spices.

The seasoning includes cajun and coriander, which gives a really good taste to the soup. It’s a classic dish from Egypt that’s both filling and healthy.

egyptisk mat


Mulukhiya is an Egyptian dish made from finely chopped green leaves boiled in broth together with coriander and garlic.

This is a dish that you either love or hate because of the special taste. However, it’s very healthy and full of vitamins. This traditional dish is usually served with meat (chicken, beef or seafood), rice, and bread.

egyptian food

Ful Medames

Another favorite dish from Egypt is Ful Medames, which is a dish that’s traditionally eaten for breakfast. It’s made from fava beans cooked in oil and salt.

The beans are usually served with eggs, pita bread and Egyptian falafel.

Ful Medammes


Sayadeya is a dish made with yellow rice, various spices, onions, tomato sauce and white fish. All ingredients are traditionally placed in a clay pot and cooked.

Common places in Egypt to find this dish include Alexandria, Portsaid, and Suez.


One of my personal favorite dishes is Shawarma, which is a type of fast food in Egypt. Shawarma has been inspired by doner kebab from Turkey, and consists of meat that has been grilled on skewers.

When the meat is cooked, it’s shaved off the skewers and served in pita bread or flatbread together with vegetables and tahini and hummus. When you order this in Egypt, you can choose what type of meat you want, as well as vegetables and sauce.

Shawarma is a popular dish worldwide, but there’s no place in the world where it tastes as good as in Egypt.



This is an Egyptian food that’s both loved and hated by the locals and tourists. It’s a dish with fermented fish that has been soaked in salt water and dried in the sun for a whole month.

The fish has a unique taste and is usually eaten during Sham El Nessim, which is an ancient festival during spring in Egypt. If you like the taste of fish, this can be an interesting dish to taste in Egypt.


More about Egyptian food

Egyptian cuisine has influences from the Greek, Ottoman, Roman, Persian and Syrian cuisines.

Depending on where you’re in the country, the food can vary a lot. For example; they eat more seafood along the coast and in the southern part of the country the food is usually more spicy compared to the northern part.

Many of the Egyptian dishes are vegetarian, but it’s also common to eat dishes with chicken, beef, lamb, fish and seafood.

It’s no doubt an interesting country when it comes to food as there are so many delicious dishes to taste and new flavors to discover.

Common questions and answers about Egyptian food

What is Egypt’s national dish?

There’s no official national dish in Egypt, however, many locals say that the dish koshari is the country’s national dish.

What spices are used in Egypt?

Common spices to use in the Egyptian cuisine include cumin, coriander, cardamom, chili, anise, bay leaves, dill, parsley, ginger, cinnamon, mint and cloves.

What’s a traditional meal in Egypt?

A traditional Egyptian meal often consists of fava beans, rice and pita bread along with lamb, chicken, fish or seafood. Garlic and coriander are also common ingredients in Egyptian food.

What do they eat for dessert in Egypt?

Egyptian desserts and sweets are made with natural ingredients and a lot of sugar. So you can expect sweet desserts in Egypt.

Down below you have some tips on Egyptian desserts taste in Egypt:

  • Basbousa
  • Kanafeh
  • Zalabia
  • Umm ali
  • Qatayef
  • Mahalabiya
  • Sweet goulash (baklava)
  • Kahk
  • Egyptian jalebi
  • Harissa

What do they drink in Egypt?

In Egypt, they drink non-alcoholic beverages. Many are made from fresh fruits that are grown in the country. Some interesting drinks to taste in Egypt include:

  • Mowz bil-Laban och Jawafa bil-Laban
  • Sobia
  • Tamrhindi
  • Sahlab
  • Qasab
  • Shay bil na’na
  • Karkade
  • Strawberry / Mango Juice

egyptian drinks

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