Welcome to Tinis Kitchen!

Hi! My name is Christine, but you can call me Tini! I’m a travel blogger and food lover from Stockholm, Sweden. The last couple of years I’ve traveled around the world full time. During my travels, I’ve tasted lots of delicious food, experienced new flavors, taken cooking classes and gained a big interest in both cooking and baking.

I love to cook all kinds of food, but I have an extra passion for Asian food – especially food from Japan, India, Vietnam and Thailand. In addition to that, I also like to cook traditional Swedish food and Spanish food because I’m currently based in Spain.

I started Tinis Kitchen to share my passion for cooking and baking, but also to inspire people to cook new interesting recipes from around the world!

I don’t have an education and I’m neither a professional chef. I just think it’s so much fun and want to share my favorite recipes with you all.

My motto: If I can do it, you can too!

My interest in cooking & baking

I’ve always had an interest in cooking and baking, but it was during my travels that my interest really started to grow. Food has been a big part of my travels as I always make sure to taste as many local dishes, sweets and beverages as possible.

I am very interested in food and I think it’s so exciting and fun with all the new flavors that you get to experience.

In addition to cooking and testing new recipes from around world, I love taking cooking classes abroad.

Among other things, I have taken a cooking class in Thailand where I learned to cook a number of traditional Thai dishes. I’ve also cooked Italian food together with a local family in Tuscany, Italy.

A big dream is to go back to Japan to learn to cook more traditional Japanese dishes.

5 Favorite cuisines
Japan, India, Sweden, Greece, and Vietnam.

5 Favorite dishes
Gyoza, Avocado Toast, Taco al Pastor, Greek Salad, and Sushi.

5 Favorite sweets
Key Lime Pie, Cardamom buns, Crema Catalana, Saffron Chocolate, and Kladdkaka.

5 Favorite beverages/drinks
Frappe, Masala Chai, Mojito, Mango Lassi, and Matcha Latte.

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